Benefits of WordPress As Your Website Platform

WordPress is a content management platform that allows you to publish your online content in the best way possible. It powers 30% of all the websites in the world. This platform is easy to use but hard to master. Its sites hold a great amount of the online trafic. Here are the benefits of using WordPress on your business website:


You can extend its functionality

WordPress plugins are useful in ensuring your site has all the functions that you requiere. If you want to add a Facebook Fan Box or a twitter feed, search through the plugin section for the desireded plugin. Download, install it and make the right adjustments interms of coddign and design. Most plugins are effective in extending the functionality of your website.

As your business grows, you would need to add features and functions such as a shopping cart to sell your digital products. WordPress has the plugin for the task at hand. Just make the right tweaks and you are good to go. Hiring professional help for the coddign and design changes is always reccomended.

Lots of starting themes

A website theme is crucial when it comes to the look and feel of your site. You don’t want a site that frustrates your users whenever they land on it. Neither would you want one that loads like molasses in January because it will affect your site ranking in search engines.

WordPress has multiple starting themes to choose from. With the help of a professional designer and a coddign specialist you can ensure the uniquenes of your website’s design and that all the requiered functions are included.

WordPress themes are categorized into functions. If you want an e-commerce theme, you can search and install it. The important thing is you can view the themes before you install them.

Most sites are mobile responsive

In a nutshell, WordPress is designed to rank high in search engines. This is due to wordpress powered sites are codded to fit any devices’ screen size. Most sites that rank on the first page of Google use WordPress as platform; this shows how this blogging platform performs well in search engines.

Plugins such as Yoast improves your site’s visibility in search engines by creating a site map automatically. WordPress platform is compatible with the search engine content spiders wich improves positioning on result lists. A better position in result lists allows for more trafic comming in to your site.

It’s flexible

Is your business growing? Do you want to expand your blog to a business blog and offer some other services? WordPress is a blogging platform that has your back on these. Initially, it was meant for blogging and publishing other things online. However, it has grown to a go-to site for small and large businesses.

Large companies such as Microsoft use WordPress to power their site. You can change your site to a social group like Facebook if you’re tired of blogging. Have an e-commerce section and dropship your products. The flexibility makes the platform popular amongst large and small businesses.

WordPress is a content management platform, easy to use but hard to master, and responsive in all devices. You only need hosting and a domain name. Our team will get your WordPress powered site up and running.

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Why Businesses Need A Web Presence

A company without a website is leaving money on the table because of how a website helps to integrate your marketing efforts. Does your business have a website? Here’s why you need one today:

Broaden your market share

A company having a web presence reaches a global audience. An offline business caters to a limited number of customers. A small business can grow fast once it embraces digital marketing techniques. One of the techniques is having a web and social media presence. Online e-commerce companies can serve customers globally because of their web presence.

Websites enhance an effective marketing plan

Developing a marketing plan for your business needs a website. A website is the centre of your marketing strategy. It’s a platform to collect leads and convert them to sales. A well developed website is the perfect complent for your local outreach with printed brochures and flyers so that your clients know where to go when they want to know more.

To appear credible

Prospects turn off businesses that have no web presence quickly. A small business needs a website to appear professional and trustworthy to its customers. Since most big companies have a web presence, customers trust them more. However, some businesses have a web presence and still don’t position themselves as go-to sites in their niche. It takes a holistic marketing approach to make sales. Nevertheless, a web presence is vital to maximising your business growth.

Boost your brand image

How you brand your business is essential to its growth. Branding is more than a logo or a tagline. It’s what customers think of your business. What comes to your customer mind when they think of your business? You can enhance this image by branding yourself as a top-notch service provider in your niche. Nothing helps in branding than having a website and a social media presence.