Logos are one thing that say your business is unique in your industry. The logo design that you adopt is not just a fancy image with or without text. It is a visual representation of the ideals and principles of your company. Your logo design will evidence the nature of your business.

It should be catchy, unique, easily recognizable. Indeed your logo design needs to be clear in its portrayal of your corporate identity and avoid being ambiguous or confusing to your customers.

At Brochurery, we understand the need for a professionally designed corporate logo. We take into consideration every element of your business when we design your unique logo. The elements we seriously consider include;

The nature of your business
Your business ethos
Your corporate colors
Slogans and catchphrases
Images and graphic designs

Your logo needs to be graphically appealing and consistent, as it will be included on all your corporate pieces. For your audio-visual marketing campaigns, our team of experienced graphic illustrators will create 3D and animated versions of your logo.

Our Logo Design Packages

Brochurery offers three logo design packages were each includes a number of starting concepts and revisions to work on; we currently offer three such design packages.

  • Personal Logo Design Package
  • Standard Logo Design Package
  • Enterprise Logo Design Package

Our Personal Logo Design Package is meant for individuals and small businesses in need of a unique logo design to promote their brand and business.

With our Personal Logo Design package, we will come up with as many as four (4) initial logo design concepts. This design package covers up to four (4) revision sessions. Additional sessions can be requested and charged with our hourly work fees.

The Standard Logo Design package will grant our customers with an unlimited number of revision phases and up to six (6) initial logo designs from which to select to work on. The unlimited revision plan will allow for fine-tuning the selected concept until it completely satisfies you.

Our top of the line logo design package is the Enterprise Logo Design package. Similar to our Standard package, we offer an unlimited revision rounds plan for the logo. We will come up with as many as ten (10) initial logo concepts for you to choose from.

Having a professional logo will help to improve brand loyalty which in turn leads to increased sales and profits. Think about all the brands and corporations whose logo design is known on a global scale. We will help you achieve worldwide recognition with an iconic logo design that will stand the test of time.

Logos tell a story about your business, let us help you tell yours.


  • Initial concepts: 4
  • Max. number of revision phases: up to 4


  • Initial concepts: 6
  • Max. number of revision phases: Unlimited


  • Initial concepts: 10
  • Max. number of revision phases: Unlimited

Now that you aware of the importance of your logo, click here to start right away with your project with a 50% downpayment.