Your corporate identity is basically who you are. It starts with your business name which must immediately inform your target audience of the nature of your business.
At Brochurery, we can assist you get your message across in a stylish manner that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Every business upholds a set of principles which define it. Regardless of the nature and size of your business, you cannot go wrong when you have a clearly defined corporate vision and mission. We can help to create a graphic representation of your corporate compass.

We offer several packages that acomplish such objective. Initially we will cater for every aspect of your business in order to create a unique graphical identity. We will aim to clearly represent the nature of your business and its strong points.

your business model & plan

your mission vision values

your capability statement

These building blocks will let everyone know the direction that your business is heading.

We also assist in logo design creation. Here we ensure that your business gets the best possible logo design, one that is exclusive to your business and copyright protected.

Our Corporate Identity Packages

As a design agency, we know the importance of a corporate identity. All our packages are designed to ensure that your business gets the best possible footing for success in your respective industry. In ensuring that your corporate identity is established, we will offer you the following service packages;

Personal Corporate Identity Package

Our Personal Corporate Identity package comes with the following benefits;

  • A logo design with up to four (4) initial logo concepts.
  • A total of four (4) logo design revision phases.
  • A single business card design that is customised for as many as five (5) individuals.
  • A one size envelope design which can be #10 or catalog.
  • A letterhead will be provided.
  • The ETA for this package is 10 business days.

Standard Corporate Identity Package

With our Standard Corporate Identity package you can expect the following package offers;

  • Six (6) initial logo design concepts.
  • Unlimited logo design revision phases.
  • One business card design that is customised for five (5) people.
  • A single envelope design for either #10 or catalog.
  • A letterhead design is included in the package as well.
  • The ETA for this package is 12 business days.

Enterprise Corporate Identity Package

The third corporate identity package that offers its customers is known as the Enterprise Corporate Identity package. Here is what this package entails;

  • Ten (10) initial logo design concepts are offered.
  • The logo designs have unlimited revision phases.
  • One business card design that is customised for up to ten (10) individuals.
  • Two (2) envelope sizes are offered (i.e. #10 and catalog).
  • We will provide a letterhead design in this package.
  • A two (2) slide PowerPoint presentation template is also offered in the Enterprise corporate identity package.
  • An 18” x 12”, flat, single pocket folder is also included in this package.
  • The ETA is 15 business days.

Finally, we offer a fourth corporate identity package which is an enhancement of the Enterprise package and aptly referred to as Enterprise Plus. This corporate identity package has all the benefits of the Enterprise Package, but also includes a tri-fold or a bi-fold brochure design.

You have the choice of a 17” x 11” bi-fold or a LTR tri-fold brochure design. Your page count for the bi-fold brochure is open as well. The ETA for the delivery of the Enterprise Plus Corporate Identity package is 20 business days.

Whatever you need, you can find it at With a WordPress enabled website, you can easily communicate your ideas for the elements of your corporate identity with us. This will ensure that we are on the same page always when it comes to finding the right balance for the development of your corporate identity. 

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